Dental, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dental, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Teeth are a vital component of the human body. Looking after your teeth is a very important thing and we at Zeel Multispeciality Hospital’s dental department provides dental care including dental surgery for an incredibly clean and hygienic condition and that too at a reasonable budget.

Why Zeel Hospital’s Dental Department?                                                                                                       
The dental department at Zeel Multispeciality Hospital comprises of dental specialists having vast experience with various kinds of dental medical procedure giving the most beneficial oral care to the patients.

Despite the fact that you follow great dental care and cleanliness routine, then to you should get the cleaning done minimum two times every year on your regular appointment with the dental specialist. In the event that you show any side effects of contamination, gum disease or other dental issues, your dental professional may suggest the accompanying procedures: cleanings, fluoride treatment, anti-infection agents, root trench, probiotics, fillings, crowns and sealants.
In more genuine instances of periodontal sickness, performing oral medical procedures might be essential.

Some of the services offered by the Dental department are:

1) Tooth extraction
Tooth extraction is the final stage when it is extremely unlikely to protect the tooth with a root canal or other medical procedure.

2) Bone grafting
The bone uniting strategy is performed when the bone encompassing the foundation of your tooth is harmed because of gum sicknesses. A harmed bone is supplanted with a unite produced using either your own bone or an artificial one.

3) Sensitive tissue grafting
In this method, the dental specialist takes a little bit of tissue from your mouth or uses benefactor tissue to append it to the zones of your gums that are absent.

4) Flap medical procedure
The specialist makes a little cut in the gum, lifts a segment of the tissue and expels the tartar and microscopic organisms present underneath the gums.

Our Doctors :

Dr. Mittal Patel

Dr. Snahasish Naskar

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