Management's Message

At Zeel Hospital Sagwara we believe that proper healthcare is the right of every creature on the earth.

Hence, at Zeel Hospital, we will continue to serve in the underprivileged areas of the country to provide resources in the secluded areas. We will work continuously to be the provider of high-quality healthcare facilities that are readily approachable and are available 24/7, are budget-friendly and suffices all the necessities of the society.

Zeel Hospital now extends a comprehensive array of high-level supervision beneath one roof incorporating all surgical and medical personnel. We continue to fund in advanced technology, and extend effective cutting edge tools that render high-class healthcare at the hospital. Our administration, expansion and research departments add force that makes us a well known Hospital in the country.

We encourage and urge you all to be a part of our social initiative at Zeel Multispeciality Hospital and accompany us in examining new boundaries in research of perfection.


Mr. Deenbandhu G Trivedi, Founder


Mr. Bhupendra S Bhatt, Founder.

Chief Operating Officer’s Message

A warm welcome to Zeel Multi-speciality Hospital!

We, at Zeel, have a highly qualified and dedicated team of Medical, Administrative and Support staff- whose ultimate goal is to provide accessible and affordable healthcare services in the Vagad area.
Zeel Hospital houses all the super-specialty services under one roof. With state-of-the-art facilities, modern technology and qualified staff, we are able to offer high quality services from routine outpatient facilities to advanced ICU care, surgical services, diagnostic and radiology services, to name a few, serving the community around us.

We assure that our medical endeavours are always in sync with the latest technological development to offer the best services closest to your home. For us, our accomplishment shall encompass in saving lives and making an impact on each and every patient walking into the Hospital.

Wishing a healthy life to all.

Dr. Tikendra Sharma

Chief Operating Officer